TLC March Newsletter 2017

TLC March Newsletter 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Keep an eye out to see if our lucky Leprechaun has paid us a special visit. The Clubhouse classroom will be busy designing special traps to try and catch one.

We hoped everyone enjoyed their February vacation week. We saw quite a few families on vacation. We hope you were somewhere warm avoiding the cold weather we had here. We appreciate everyone’s patience with our decisions to be closed or delayed opening on those days we had treacherous weather. The decision is made to ensure everyone stays safe and off the roads if necessary. Our goal is to stay open but we rely on the local weather predictions, our plowing crew and the Hopkinton Police dept. to try to make the best call for everyone. Spring will be here soon.

Re-registration packets have been available. Please see your teacher for your family’s packet if you do not have one yet. Please fill out all of the information for each child as everything needs to be updated. Please return them by March 14th.

There have been quite a few illnesses reported in the center. Please make us aware of any illness to your child’s teacher. We post any communicable diseases on our bulletin board to keep families aware. The teachers and assistants have been working hard washing toys and sanitizing all other areas. Please make sure to take your child’s sleeping bag home regularly to be washed. If you have any questions on our health policies please feel free to ask.

Parents, please remember to have your personal key cards to enter the building. Our Brivo account keeps track of all entries to the building. It is important to have your child logged in to the building as well as signing them in and out every day. We thank you for your cooperation in our effort to keep everyone safe and accounted for.

Please take a look at our yummy fundraiser and get your order in. All proceeds will go to our treasured Cystic Fibrosis foundation in honor of Trish’s nephew.

Dates to remember:

  • March 17th St. Patrick’s Day celebration
  • March 10th Early release – all schools
  • March 24th Early release – all schools



Hi everyone!

The Clubhouse has had a very exciting February. The themes this month were Space, The Dentist, Valentine’s and Presidents. We explored these themes through some fun crafts including marble art, cling film art, and paper plate portraits.

Some highlights this month were the Valentine’s Day party, where everyone designed their own decorative cookie, sledding after the snow storm, and baking to make George Washington cookies.

We are looking forward to March and keeping our fingers crossed for some more sunny weather!

Sarah, Cat, Dana and Amanda.


Little Rascals

The Little Rascals had a great month of February.  We celebrated love and friendship as we learned about Valentine’s Day.  The children had a wonderful time learning about the planets and our Presidents.

This month we will be making many silly projects and reading some great books to recognize Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  We will learn all about healthy eating.  We will then move on to St Patrick’s Day as well as weather.

The Little Rascals have been enjoying the beautiful weather and are hoping it hangs around a bit.  Please make sure your child has a water bottle daily.

Please bring in either a pillowcase or a reusable store bag for your child’s sleeping bag if you have not done so already.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak to us about them.

Christine and Stefanie



The Krusaders had a fabulous February! We felt the love at our Valentine’s Day party and enjoyed handing out our cards! We also enjoyed learning all about our presidents, how to keep our teeth healthy and clean, and our adventure to space!

During the month of March we will explore the following themes:

  • Silly Dr. Seuss and celebrating his Birthday
  • Nutrition and how to keep our bodies healthy with healthy food and exercise
  • Lucky Leprechauns
  • Spring has Sprung
  • Weather and Rainbows
  • Letters of the month: S, T and U
  • Numbers of the month: 15 and 16
  • Shape and color: Square and Green

We hope everyone has a wonderful month and hope it continues to stay warm! It is almost Spring! Please remember to send water bottles and weather appropriate clothing daily! As always if you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask! Also please consider checking out our Fundraiser this month as all proceeds will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! Every year our school takes pride in supporting Team Zack Attack and this fundraiser is one of those ways! Thank you!

Miss Lauren and Miss Sarah


Small Fries

As we say goodbye to February, we welcome March with plenty in store for us! This February Small Fries had fun with our Valentine’s Day Party and enjoyed making their card boxes! We also are enjoyed learning about how to keep our teeth healthy and clean! We continue to learn our shapes, colors, ABC’s and 1,2,3’s during circle time! It is important to arrive by 9:15. This way the children have time to be social with their friends and enjoy snack before we start our circle time. We want to wish Miss Nicki the best of luck on her pregnancy and Small Fries can’t wait to meet Emma Grace!

This month’s themes are:

  • Silly Dr. Seuss
  • Lucky Leprechauns
  • Spring has Sprung
  • Nutrition

Just a reminder to parents, as begins to get warmer we still have those cold breezy morning so please continue to bring the right clothing attire with your child and please be sure to label all belongings as we know many children have the same clothing! Thank you and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Miss Mellissa


Tiny Tots

The Tiny Tots can’t wait for spring! We have been spoiled this last week and took full advantage of the weather by going outside as much as possible. Hopefully that groundhog was wrong and we will get an early spring. Please make sure your child has a complete change of clothes in his or her cubby as it can get a little muddy and we out there.

Our Tiny Tots have shown so much interest in potty training this past month. We have been going to sit on the potties multiple times each day and have done many successful potty dances, claps, and cheers. If you have any questions please ask! We would love to help and give you more details so you can have success at home as well.

Our themes for the month of March include Silly Dr. Seuss, St. Patrick’s Day, rainbows and weather, and nutrition.

Happy Spring!


Little Tykes

Happy Spring! It’s hard to believe it’s already here. Our excitement grows as warmer days are just ahead. It is so amazing to watch how fast our babies have turned to toddlers. This month we are preparing our toddlers to transition into their new classroom. We look forward to watching them grow.

Amy ~ Lisa


Parent’s Newsletter – February 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We have been busy preparing for an exciting month revolving around dental health, Hearts & Hugs, Presidents and It’s a small world. The letters of the month will be P,Q,R along with the numbers 13&14.

February is Dental Health month. This is a good time to brush up on good dental health habits. We request that all preschool parents send in new toothbrushes and check on their toothpaste supply.  On Tuesday the 14th we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Each class will celebrate by swapping valentine cards, playing games, and enjoying Valentine snacks.

We have a few staff changes as Nicki goes on maternity leave. Mellissa Fernandes will take over a the teacher in the class with Brooke and Sam. Stef will be teaching with Christine in The Little Rascals. We would also like to welcome Alexandra to The Learning Center. She will be helping out with Lauren.


TLC will be having its annual re-registration starting the beginning of next month. Please stop by the office to pick up your child’s re-registration packet. Please go over your paperwork thoroughly and fill out all sections. Everything in your child’s file needs to be updated annually. This registration process renews their spot for September. TLC is yearly program. Your child’s spot continues through the summer. If you need to change your regular days for the upcoming school year please make a note of it on your form and we will do our best to accommodate these requests. If you have any questions please see Jen or Melissa. All registrations are due March 28th.


When you receive your child’s evaluation please read them over, sign and return them as soon as possible. Please feel free to speak with child’s educator if you have any questions or concerns or would like to set up a conference.

Tuition payment

Please remember that monthly tuition payments are due on the 29th of each month. Weekly payments are due on Thursday for the following week. We appreciate you getting your payments in on time.

Dates to remember

  • 2/3/17 Early release/ Elementary school
  • 2/14/17 Valentine’s day party
  • 2/20/17 TLC closed for President’s day
  • 2/21/17-2/24/17 February school vacation week
  • (Please let us know your vacation plans)


Little Tykes

It is hard to believe we are already in the month of February. All of the infants are developing new skills every day some are crawling, standing without support and babbling. Our new friends Sawyer and Cooper have settled in beautifully. For Valentine day we are planning a valentine surprise. Just a reminder to parents we will be closed on Monday,  February 20th for President’s Day. If you have any questions or concerns please come to Lisa or I.




The Clubhouse had a wonderful January. Our themes this month were winter, hibernation, Alaska and Antarctica, and we explored all of these topics through some very creative crafts. We also enjoyed our spirit week. It was fun for the children to participate in the different themes each day. The highlight of this month was welcoming our new friend Natalie to the Clubhouse!

Just a little reminder, we do try to spend some time outside when the children arrive at TLC after school, don’t forget to send appropriate shoes/boots, hats and gloves.

We hope everyone had a great first month of 2017, we know we did!
Sarah, Cat, Dana and Amanda.


Busy Bees

February is upon us and this month we have some great opportunities for learning and growing.  We are happy to welcome Kevin as our newest Busy Bee.  The children are doing a wonderful job welcoming new children to the room.  This month we will be focusing on some of these themes:

  • Healthy teeth and all that entails
  • Valentine’s day and groundhog day
  • Presidents past and current
  • Letters p, q, r
  • Numbers 15, 16
  • Color green
  • Shape square

Feel free to ask us any questions you might have.
Miss Debbie and Michelle


Tiny Tots

Our new year has been great so far! We learned all about winter, bears and hibernation. In the month of February we will say goodbye to Christian and wish him luck as he moves into the preschool. We would also like to wish Lia a Happy Birthday on the 7th!

This month our curriculum will include Space, Hearts and Hugs, Presidents on Parade and Groundhog’s Day.

We can almost see Spring! But for now, thank you for keeping your child’s bin stocked with extra clothes and for always having hats, mittens, and boots available for us.

Heather & Sam



January has been a wonderful month for the Krusaders! We enjoyed learning all about winter, arctic regions, and Hibernation! We had an extra special week of school spirit and everyone dressed to impress! We are officially more than half way through the alphabet and our numbers which means the end of our school year and summer is in sight!

Love is in the air as we fall into February! We have an action packed month ahead of us.  First, we will blast off into space and learn all about the earth, planets, stars and the sun! Next, we will learn all about our sparkling smiles and the dentist.  Along with our two holidays this month we will celebrate Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day with many crafts and activities to go along with them.  The Krusaders will learn letters P, Q and R and numbers 13 and 14. Our shape and color of the month will be heart and pink.

Keep an eye out for our class list for Valentines which will be given out at our Valentine’s Day party on the 14th.  Please start  thinking about bringing in a small box like a tissue box so we can make mailboxes for our Valentine’s.

Some housekeeping reminders…Please remember to send hats and gloves EVERYDAY! A water bottle as well so we are not wasting cups all day.  It helps teach the children about going green and helping the environment 🙂 Also the board by the door in the classroom always has what we are doing each week and reminders about school information.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask or talk to Miss Sarah or Miss Lauren.

We hope everyone has a wonderful February and GO PATRIOTS!!!
Miss Lauren and Miss Sarah


Little Rascals

The Little Rascals had a great New Year learning about hibernation, Eskimos and mittens.

We also loved School Spirit week, the children did a great job getting into the theme for each day.

  • This month we are learning all about our smiles and how to take extra good care of our teeth.  We will be learning about our Presidents as well.
  • Love will be in the air this month as we prepare our room for our special Valentine’s Party.  There will be a sign up sheet for goodies to help us celebrate.  We will also be sending a class list home for the children to exchange cards.
  • We said a sad farewell to Ishitha as her family moves away to Texas.  We are happy to welcome Christian to the room.
  • Stefanie will be joining us in the classroom full-time as Mellissa moves into the toddler room.
  • Please be sure to send your child in with appropriate outer wear (including boots) every day.  The children also need water bottles daily.
  • We are asking all parents to send either a pillow case or a reusable grocery tote in for your child’s sleeping bag.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk to us.

Christine and Stefanie


Small Fries

As we say goodbye to January, Small Fries welcomes February with many things in store for us!

This month’s themes include:
– space adventure
– sparkling smiles
– hearts and hugs
– presidents on parade.

We welcome Mellissa Fernades who will be a new teacher in our classroom for when I go on maternity leave. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

We please ask that you  read the daily sheets to see if your child needs diapers or wipes. We have added a curriculum board next to our door that shows our themes of each week and colors/shape of the month, we will also be posting reminders on there as well!  We also rearranged the cubbies, their names are up at the top, sorry for the confusion!

Your children show a great deal of interest in arts and crafts! They are starting to recognize shapes and colors, as well as memorizing the alphabet. We have created a shape matching game that will help further develop their memory and be able to recognize each shape and color! We enjoy watching your children develop and learn new things everyday day.

Thank you
Nicki, Mellissa and Samantha

Happy Valentine’s Day


January 2017 Parents Newsletter

Happy New Year!


It is with sincere gratitude that I thank you for your contributions and sincere thoughtfulness in regards to the donations for the TLC staff.

Your kindness gave me the opportunity to provide each staff member with a well-deserved bonus on your behalf. Without your help, this appreciation could not have been expressed. As we look forward to another wonderful year, I cannot help but reflect on the past years and know how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to serve the families we have since opening our doors in September 2000.

On behalf of TLC and its staff, I wish you all a prosperous and healthy New Year.


Parents please accompany your children directly to their classrooms and assist them in hanging up their coats, etc. Parents are responsible for informing the teachers of their child’s arrival, as well as signing in on the required sheets. If your child is going to be absent, please call the center by 9:00am to inform their teachers. Please have your children in by 9:30 am as classrooms begin their scheduled program at this time.

At the end of the day, the parents are responsible for notifying the teacher of their child’s departure as well as signing them out. No child will be picked up by anyone other than a parent or a person identified on their authorization and consent form. Teachers must ask for identification from the authorized pick-up person not known by the childcare staff.

Please remember that parents are responsible for supervision of their children at arrival and departure time. Especially during the busy drop off and pick up time in the parking lot. These guidelines protect the children’s safety.


Parent please let the office know if your child has been diagnosed with a communicable illness by your pediatrician. We would like to be able to post this information so parents are aware and know what symptoms to look for. Thank you for assistance in sharing this information.


Picture day will take place January 19th and 20th.  Please have your children in by 8:45. If your child does not usually attend on those days they are welcome to come for their individual pictures and also their class picture. Specific times and classrooms will be posted. Please make sure to fill out your forms and return them to your classroom teacher before their picture day. Please be sure your payment is included.


Thank you so much for the generous gifts we received from our wonderful families. It is so nice to be thought of during the holidays. We appreciate everything you do.


  • TLC closed – January 2, 2017
  • Public School re-opens January 3rd
  • No public school – January 16th – TLC will be open

Little Tykes

I would like to wish all of our TLC families and friends a very happy New Years!!!

It is so amazing how quickly the babies have progressed. Some of them are walking and some are pulling themselves up and some are beginning to crawl all over the room. They have become very independent.

We are having children transition into the toddler room and new babies entering our Little Tykes classroom this year. We will be saying goodbye to our friend Grace who will be entering Tiny Tots. We welcome our new friend Sawyer to our Little Tykes family.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Amy~ Lisa


Hi everyone,

December was such a fun month! The Clubhouse learned all about Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa traditions.  The children loved making crafts throughout the holiday season. Santa was so impressed with how good the boys and girls were during his visit. The children also enjoyed making their very own presents for their parents that they were very proud of. We hope you all will treasure them. Clubhouse was busy during vacation week, our theme was Fairy Tales. We have some great themes coming up for January as we celebrate the New Year and settle back into school.

Happy New Year to you all!

Sarah, Dana, Cat and Amanda

Tiny Tots

Cheers to a new year! We hope you had a great holiday season and we are excited to start 2017 in the Tiny Tot classroom! We would like to wish Giovanni good luck as he has transitioned to preschool!

In January we will be focusing on the themes: Eskimos, Hibernation, Alaska, and School Spirit week.

We will continue to go outside daily, weather permitting. Please feel free to leave an extra labeled set of outside gear here at school. If we can’t get outside we will be doing gross motor activities inside so don’t forget sneakers too!

Thank you for all of your generous gifts over the holiday season. We appreciate all of you as well!

Heather & Sam


Small Fries

Small fries is excited to ring in the new year of 2017! We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday! We thank parents for bringing in snow pants and boots. If you have not already, please bring in a change of weather appropriate clothing. Please read the daily sheets to see if your child needs diapers or wipes.

This month’s themes include marvelous mittens, happy hibernation, school spirit week, Alaska and Eskimos! Your children show a great deal of interest in arts and crafts! They are starting to recognize shapes and colors, as well as memorizing the alphabet. Sam and I enjoy watching your children develop and learn new things everyday day.

We also want to thank parents for their generous gifts from the holidays it meant a lot to us!

Thank you
Nicki and Sam

Little Rascals

Happy New Year!  We hope you all had a wonderful holiday! We would like to thank you all for the very generous and thoughtful holiday gifts.

December was a great month, filled with joy as we celebrated all of the December holidays. In January we will be learning all about mittens, animals that hibernate, Eskimos and Alaska.

The most exciting topic this month is School Spirit.  We will have different themes for each day.  The kiss will have so much fun.

Please remember to send your child in with labeled, weather appropriate outer wear each day, as we will try to go outside.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak with us.

Thank you,

Miss Christine, Miss Mellissa and Miss Stefanie


Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a fantastic 2017! We hope everyone had a wonderful, fun filled holiday with family and friends!

December was an exciting month for the Krusaders.  We enjoyed celebrating all of the holidays that fall in the month of December. A visit from Santa was extra special! We learned about the letters J, K and L and the numbers 9 and 10.

As we dive into the New Year we will explore the season of winter, animals who hibernate, and the cold regions of Alaska and Antarctica.  We will also have a fun filled spirit week during the week of January 16th.  Please keep an eye out for what each days theme will be.

Our letters and numbers of the month will be:

  • M, N and O
  • 11 and 12
  • Our shape and color of the month will be: Octagon and Blue

Keep a lookout for your child’s progress report, which will be handed out this month.

A few housekeeping reminders…
Please make sure your child has hats and gloves/mittens every day.
Make sure all of your child’s items of clothing and winter apparel are labeled.
Please send a water bottle that your child can keep in their cubby during the week.
Also check out the white board right before you enter the room, it has info on what we did during the day, day to day housekeeping reminders, and other important events going on at TLC.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask Miss Sarah or I. Stay warm and have a joyful January!

Miss Lauren and Miss Sarah

Busy Bees

Happy New Year!  We hope you all enjoyed the holidays as much as we did in the Busy Bee Classroom.  We are looking forward to a great new year.  We are happy to welcome Giovanni into our room.  These are some of the things we will be learning about this month.

  • Marvelous mittens
  • Hibernation
  • School Spirit Week
  • Eskimos
  • The letters M, N, O
  • The numbers 11 and 12
  • The color blue
  • The shape octagon

Please remember to dress the kids for outside play including hats, mittens, boots and snowsuits.  We will be going outside daily. If you have concerns feel free to speak to us at any time.

Miss Debbie and Michelle

Parents Newsletter: December 2016

Happy Holidays to Our TLC Family!!

Happy Holidays from TLC – The Learning Center – Hopkinton, MA

As we begin this holiday season, we would like to thank all of our parents for generously donating supplies for our Thanksgiving feast. It was a great time.

We would also like to thank our wonderful families for selling items from our Fun Factory Fundraiser. We raised $600 that will be put towards updating our playground equipment in the spring.

The staff at TLC are anticipating a fun-filled month of preparation for the up-coming holidays. The children will learn about all the many holidays we celebrate in December. They will discover how families celebrate around the world. They will also explore a winter wonderland.

Our annual Tree lighting spectacular will be December 6th. Trisha and her crew put a ton of work into prepping this beautiful light show. Please join us for hot chocolate and goodies as we light up our school in a dazzling display.

We will be closed on Monday, December 26th in observance of Christmas. We will be closed January 2nd for New Year’s Day observance. We will have a sign up on the bulletin board so parents can let us know their holiday plans. This really helps so we can staff accordingly.

Each classroom will have a small celebration in their classrooms on December 22nd. Santa will be visiting from 3:30-5:30 pm, as you pick up your child you can visit Santa with your family and take a photo. Santa brings a sack full of toys for all good girls and boys. As in the past each parent brings in a gift in advance to be given by Santa. The pre-wrapped gift can be brought in any time before the 21st.

Outdoor play is an essential part of your children’s day. Please remember to bring in mittens, hats, boots, snow pants, warm jacket and boots. Slippers are also suggested as they keep our feet toasty warm and our carpets clean and dry. Please label ALL items. We tend to get duplicate boots and ski pants etc. Storing them in a recycle bag to hang on their hook is very helpful. Thank you!

Please remember to have your access key card at all times when entering the building. Access keys are only allowed to be used during TLC scheduled business hours. Non authorized entrance will sound the alarm. Police will come and administrators are called to come put in the access code. Anyone entering will be charged the $150 fine set by the Fire department.

A quick reminder of holidays we are closed: New Year’s eve close at 5:00, New Year’s day, Presidents day, Patriot’s day, Memorial day, Independence day, Labor day, Columbus day, Thanksgiving day, Friday following Thanksgiving, Christmas eve close at 12:00 (10 families or more) Christmas day.

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Dates to remember: 

  • Tree lighting ceremony will be on Tuesday, December 6 at 4:45 sharp.
  • Santa’s visit – Wednesday, December 22
  • Public schools closed for holiday break – Monday, December 26-January 2
  • TLC closed – Christmas day observed Monday, December 26
  • TLC closed New Year’s Day observed – Monday, January 2


Busy Bees

We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday.  It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner.  It will be a fun and busy month for all of us at TLC.
The themes this month will be:

  • Fairytales
  • Hannukah
  • Christmas
  • New Year

Our letters this month are J, K, L and our numbers are 9 and 10.  Our shape is a star and our color is white.

As the weather gets colder please makes sure the kids have warm coats, hats, mittens and boots!

Miss Debbie and Michelle


Small Fries

Happy Holidays! Winter is approaching us fast! We please ask parents to bring in mittens, hats and a nice warm jacket along with a change of weather appropriate clothes. Our themes this month include fairytales, Hanukkah/Kwanzaa and Christmas. This month Santa is coming for a visit! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask ).

We have notice a great improvement with your child’s fine/gross motor skills along with memorizing the alphabet and numbers! We are currently working on our shapes and colors and practice every day! Sam and I love watching your child learn and develop new things every day. We please ask you to look at your child’s daily sheets for anything they may need for the following day. Small fries go through quite a bit of wipes and request that you send them in frequently. Also a reminder that we typically change diapers around 5 times a day if not more. All diaper changes are noted on their daily notes

We hope you all have a good holiday season!

Nicki & Sam


The Little Rascals

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and long break! Now that we have welcomed everyone back, we would love to say thank you to everyone who donated to our feast! Little Rascals had a busy November. We were very busy getting our parents Christmas gifts ready, learning about their five senses, the history behind thanksgiving, what each Little Rascal was thankful for – we now say goodbye to November. With December here, our Little Rascals have a busy month ahead of them.

This month’s themes are:

  • Community Helpers
  • Fairytales
  • Hanukkah
  • ChristmasKwanzaa/New Year

Parents just a reminder, now that the weather is getting colder outside, please bring the appropriate attire for your children. Hats, gloves, winter jackets and a water bottle! We hope you all have a happy holiday and a new year!

Mellissa and Christine



Hi everyone,

We hope all our TLC families had a great Thanksgiving! The Clubhouse enjoyed the Thanksgiving Feast on Wednesday.  Thanks to all who donated to help make the feast a success. November was a fun month for us, we took a sensory walk to Elmwood School and set up sensory tables in class for the children to test their senses.

We took another walk to Elmwood School to find walking sticks, which we then decorated, we discussed what the children were learning about the Pilgrims and Native Americans in school while also making some fun related crafts. This week our theme is Community helpers, and as we enter December our themes will be Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Fairytales.

I’m looking forward to a fun month ahead, I hope the children are too. Just a reminder that coats, hats and gloves are needed to go outside, it has become very chilly and we do get out to play for a bit after the children get off the bus and have a snack. Thank you everyone and have a great December!



We all had a great time at our Thanksgiving feast! Thank you to all of the parents for donating food for the day.  We also hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and few days off with your family.  The Krusaders enjoyed learning about the Native Americans, Pilgrims, and the first Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed hearing all of the things your children were thankful for this year!  We also had fun exploring our five senses, night creatures, and community helpers

This month we prepare for a busy holiday season as Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa are upon us. We will start the month by exploring fairy tales and nursery rhymes.  We are looking forward to our annual tree lighting ceremony and prepare for Santa’s visit. Keep a look out for dates and times. As the year comes to a close it is times to think of our New Year’s resolutions and the beginning of a new year.

  • Letters of the month are J, K and L
  • Numbers 9 and 10
  • Color: white
  • Shape: star

We would like to thank you for another successful year and wish you a Happy Holiday Season!

Miss Lauren and Miss Sarah


Happy Holidays to all of our TLC families. We have wonderful events coming your way. Santa will be arriving on December 22 from 3:30 to 5:30. If you would like to bring your child see Santa please send in a wrapped gift with their name on it and bring it to the office. The staff and children are looking forward to our annual tree lighting we will keep you posted on the date and time. We hope you and your families had a wonderful thanksgiving.

Lisa ~ Amy





TLC’s November Parent’s Newsletter

November Newsletter – 2016

November is a symbolic month for giving thanks, exploring family traditions, and learning about the lives of the Native Americans and Early Colonists who lived before us. We plan to explore the lives of the people who inhabited this land in our past. We will also share our own family traditions and just how much we have to be thankful for.

The entire school will be creating and celebrating with a Thanksgiving feast of their own, on Wednesday, November 23rd. We will prepare a menu, cook our meal, and dine with our friends and teachers at TLC. It will be quite interesting to see what kind of menu they come up with. This is a wonderful conclusion to our November curriculum. The children enjoy dressing as Native Americans, Pilgrims, and turkeys as they participate in this fun event. Goody donation sign-up sheets will be located on our daily sign in sheets. As always, we appreciate all donations. Without your help our events would not be as successful.

We were very sad to lose our friend and teacher Melody, as she lost her battle with cancer last week. Her services will be held Friday November 4th & Saturday the 5th. In honor of Melody our staff would like to attend her wake Friday night as a group. The Learning Center will be closing at 5:30 pm. Melody has been a part of our family for over 20 years. We appreciate your understanding and support through this time.

From our family to yours have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Dates to remember:

Nov. 4th                             Early Release, All schools

Nov. 8th                             No public school, Teacher professional day (TLC open)

Nov. 11th                            No public school, Veteran’s day (TLC open)

Nov. 18th                           Early release, Elementary, Parent conference

Nov. 23rd                           Early dismissal, all schools

Nov. 23rd                            TLC Thanksgiving feast

Nov.  24th & 25th             Public school and TLC closed for Thanksgiving


Busy Bees

The Busy Bee classroom is happy to welcome a new teacher Michelle as well as two new classmates Liam and Aarna.  We have a busy month ahead of us.  Every other Monday we have song time with Gerry.  Tuesdays there is Amazing Athletes; Fridays there is Tumblebus. Both classes are available to sign up for if interested.  Friday is pizza for lunch which includes a veggie a fruit and a desert for $4.  Check out this month’s themes!

  • Five Super Senses (taste, touch, smell, taste, hear)
  • Community Helpers (police, firefighters, doctors, nurses etc)
  • Thanksgiving/Native Americans

Please pack extra clothes for those unexpected accidents. The weather is unpredictable so dress the children in layers.  We go outside everyday even if it is sprinkling a little (just to run around for a few minutes) so always send a jacket or sweatshirt.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to speak to us anytime.
Debbie and Michelle

Small Fries

Small fries is excited that fall is here! Sadly it is getting chilly outside, we ask parents to bring an extra change of weather appropriate clothes jackets, hats and gloves if you have not already done so. We are excited to celebrate Carson, Darren and Leo 2nd birthday! We have noticed many advancements with your child’s find motor skills and memorizing letters of the Alphabet!  They truly love circle time.

This month’s themes include the five senses, community helpers, time for thanks and Native Americans. We please asked to make sure to read the needs section on your child’s daily sheets for anything they may need. It is important to keep supplies in stock.  If you have questions don’t has to take to ask.

Thank you

Sam and Nicki


Hi everyone!

Clubhouse had a great October. Our variety of activities included learning all about dinosaurs, discussing fire safety, and examining the change in nature this fall season. Clubhouse had our annual “Spooky “Trail” that we worked very hard to create and we hope everyone enjoyed it! We had a great time at our Halloween party and thank everyone for their donations. Hopefully we can settle in after trick or treating and all the Halloween fun. Just a friendly reminder that the temperature has dropped and some of the children are forgetting to bring their jackets to school, we want them to be as comfortable as possible outside. We plan on spending time in the afternoon outside. Gloves and hats will keep them warm in the cool weather.

We are looking forward to November and celebrating family and Thanksgiving. The whole school enjoys a family style Thanksgiving lunch Wednesday the 23rd. The children have an early dismissal that day and will not have lunch served at the public schools. We will prepare lunch here. The public schools will be closed November 8th and 11th. Please let us know if you plan on being out either of those days. Pizza day is on Fridays if anyone would like to buy pizza for lunch. November is here and we are very grateful to have our TLC family.

Tiny Tots

We would like to welcome our new teacher Sam to the Tiny Tots! We are wishing Liam good luck as he moves up to preschool and welcoming Kinley into our classroom this month.
Our themes will be the Five Senses, Community Helpers, A Time for Thanks, and Native Americans.

As the weather continues to get colder please remember to update your child’s extra clothes bin with warmer clothes. Also shortly we will need boots, hats, mittens, snow pants, etc. as we will continue to go outside throughout the winter. Please label each item.
The children love to play dress up and look at themselves in the mirror. We are in need of some updated dramatic play outfits. Please consider donating old Halloween costumes that are easy to slip on and off. Thanks!

Heather & Sam

Little Rascals

The Little Rascals had a spooktacular October.  The fire department and dentist came for a visit.  We had a Spooky Trail led by our Clubhouse children and ended the month with Halloween party.  Thank you to all of the parents who sent in treats.

We are looking forward to learning about nocturnal animals, five senses, community helpers and Thanksgiving.

During our community helpers week we will be learning about all of the people and their occupations that help make our community run smoothly.

We will be having a Thanksgiving Feast loaded with all of the children’s favorite foods.  There will be a donation list posted with the sign in sheets.

As the weather continues to get colder please make sure your child has labeled weather appropriate outerwear.   We do try to make it outside each day and they really need to be comfortable and warm.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak to us.

Thank You,

Miss Christine and Miss Mellissa


The Krusaders had an outstanding October!  We went back in time and explored the age of the dinosaurs.  Fell right into fall with some wonderful fall foliage and some cool weather.  The Krusaders also did a great job learning about fire safety and how to handle emergencies! Accompanied with a special visit from the fire department!  A fun time was had by all on Halloween!  Thank you all for your food donations which helped make our Halloween party a success.

In November we will learn about…

  • Nocturnal Animals
  • Our five senses
  • Thanksgiving and how it’s a time to be thankful
  • Native Americans
  • Community helpers that are in our daily lives
  • We will study the letters G, H and I. Numbers 7 and 8. The color Brown and the shape rectangle.

We are very excited to Welcome Amelia to our class from Little Rascals. 🙂

A few housekeeping items: Please send weather appropriate clothing. It can be very cold on our playground during the day because we get little sun back there in the winter.  Also our fall fundraiser orders are due November 14th.

All proceeds will go to updating our playgrounds!  I try to update the white board in the stairwell daily, so please keep an eye on it for classroom information.  As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank You
Miss Lauren and Miss Sarah

Little Tykes

We had a spooky October celebrating Halloween in our classroom. We are looking forward to our upcoming holiday Thanksgiving! We will be having our annual Thanksgiving feast on November 23rd. There will be a big selection of finger foods for our little ones.

We will be working on many different activities and projects to enhance our fine motor skills. One of our themes this month is our 5 senses. It will be fun to discover our senses together.

We would like to wish Nate a Happy 1st birthday!!

Lisa and I would like to wish all of our families a very Happy Thanksgiving.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to come to us.

Amy and Lisa

In Memory of Melody Ring, please be kind to one another.



Fall Fun – Oct Parent’s Newsletter

TLC October Newsletter

We have successfully made it through the first month of our school year. It is a wonderful sight to see all of the children settling into their routines, meeting new friends, and enjoying their activity centers. We welcome Michelle as our new teacher in the Busy Bee classroom.

Our curriculum themes for this month are:

  • Weather all around us
  • Fire safety
  • Night creatures
  • Haunted Halloween
  • Happy Halloween!

Each classroom will also touch upon Halloween safety. Our Clubhouse will be diligently working on their Halloween haunted trail, along with our Halloween celebration.

* Please do not have your child wear their costumes to TLC, so they do not get ruined before the big night.

We would like to remind parents to take extra precaution while crossing through the parking lot. Children should be with an adult at all times. Please do not allow them to leave the building and cross the parking lot on their own. We need to stress the importance of protecting our children’s safety. Please remember to take care not to let your children stand in front of the front door as people are exiting. Families exiting please be cautious and open the door slowly.

Please take a few moments to read our bulletin boards located in the front entrance. We often have sign-up sheets for upcoming events such as karate, parties, fundraisers etc.

Dates to Remember:

  • No Public school – Today, Monday, October 3rd
  • Closed – Columbus Day Monday, October 10th
  • No Public school – Wednesday, October 12th
  • Fundraiser – October dates (tba)
  • Halloween party – Friday, October 28th
  • Annual Halloween Festival for Kids – Saturday, October 29th 1-3, TJ’s on 135 in Ashland

Busy Bees

October is upon us in The Busy Bee Classroom.  We are happy to welcome our new student Maddie as well as our new teacher Michelle.  It’s great to have both of you join us at TLC.  This month we look forward to learning about many fun topics!

  • Autumn – Leaves, weather change, animals, football, colors of Fall
  • Fire Safety – Fire trucks, alarms, 911, what to do in emergency
  • Halloween/Night Creatures – Nocturnal animals, bats, raccoons, owls, pumpkins, ghosts, spiders etc.
  • Dinosaurs (types, extinction, archeology, volcanoes
  • Letters D, E, F
  • Numbers 4, 5, 6
  • Colors orange and black
  • Shape triangle

As the weather gets colder please dress your children in layers we can remove or put on as needed. The children are doing well with transitioning and adapting to the daily routine.  Drop off is difficult for some and I assure you that the children do much better with a loving and short exit. Lingering with too many “one more hug” just make the separation more painful for all.  I can honestly say that you would be impressed with how quickly your child jumps into playing once you leave.  It’s our goal for your child to feel safe, loved and happy.

As always feel free to speak to us with any concerns or thoughts.
Debbie and Michelle


The Clubhouse had a great September. Everyone has transitioned very well from summer to back to school, and all of our new students have settled right in. This month we have enjoyed group games and fun crafts so that the kids could get to work together. Some of the students have also had a chance to help bake some Clubhouse treats. Next month we look forward to Autumn themed crafts with Sarah and Dana, baking with Amanda, science activities with Cat, and not to mention some super fun Halloween games at the end of the month! We will also be prepping for or Spooky Trail.

Have a great October!

Small Fries

The Small Fries are excited to welcome fall with open arms! As we are quickly approaching colder weather we ask parents to bring an appropriate change of clothing and start taking summer clothes/items home. This month we will be wishing James a very happy second birthday! The month of October is filled with many fun projects. Our themes include autumn, dinosaurs, fire safety and Halloween/night creatures. Our color of the month is orange and black.

We are excited to continue working on your child’s gross and fine motor skills and watch them develop each day. It is important to be here by 9:30 am so that your child can participate in circle time. During circle we work on our alphabet, shapes and numbers. We learn new songs and read many books! We also ask to please pay attention to the “needs” section on the daily sheets for diapers, wipes or anything else your child may need!

If you have any questions please feel free to find us and ask!

Thank you!

Nicki and Sam


The Krusaders had a Spectacular September! We enjoyed getting to know each other, learning about the farm and Apples, and one of our favorite authors, Eric Carle! Everyone also had a blast on our fall field trip to the Apple Orchard!

In October, we will explore the following themes:

  • Fall/Autumn
  • Darling Dinos
  • Fire Safety Week – Complete with a visit from the fire department!
  • Halloween/Night Creatures

We will also be working on the letters D, E & F and numbers 4, 5 & 6.  Our shape of the month is Triangle and our colors of the month are black and orange. At the end of the month we will have a Halloween celebration so keep a look up for food sign ups! Also, please remember to return the teeth brushing permission slip, as well as toothbrush and toothpaste if you decide to have your child brush at school.

Please remember as the weather gets cooler to please send weather appropriate clothing with your child each day! It can get very chilly on the playground in the afternoon.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask Sarah or I. 🙂 Hope everyone has a wonderful October!

Miss Lauren and Miss Sarah

Tiny Tots

It’s hard to believe September is over. The Tiny Tots had a great start to the school year. We have all settled nicely into a daily routine. Each day begins with circle and a good morning song. We are practicing shape, color, and name recognition during this group time as well as looking out the window to do the daily weather report! The toddlers participate with enthusiasm.

The next couple weeks we will be creating fall themed projects using a variety of materials. If you have acorns, colorful leaves, pine cones, or other nature items in your yard we would love for you to bring them in for us to explore.

Please update your child’s extra clothes bin with weather appropriate clothing and a sweat shirt as we will continue to go out daily.

Happy October!

Little Rascals

As we say goodbye to September, we welcome October with lots in store for us. But let’s take a look back at what our Little Rascals have been up to. We talked about All about me and we learned so much of our new friends.

We also talked about Things on a Farm and Apples to Apples where we got to take a trip to Tougas Farm to pick some colorful apples. Thank you to the parents who helped chaperone that day! We really appreciate it. And lastly we took a look at the colorful world of Eric Carle.

Our themes for this month are:

  • Autumn
  • Dinosaurs
  • Fire Safety
  • Halloween/Night Creatures

As the weather is getting colder, please bring in the proper weather attire as we will be going outside. Please LABEL your children’s clothing as they sometimes get mixed up with other children’s belongings. As always please continue to bring in a water bottle with your child every day! We hope you have a SPOOKtacular October! Happy Halloween!

Mellissa and Christine

Little Tykes

Happy October! All the ghosts and goblins are coming to TLC. Get your little goblins ready for the fall. The babies are crawling and creeping about the room. So long to our friend Lydia who is moving up to the toddler room. We would like to welcome Liam to our class. Please remember to bring weather appropriate clothing as well as extra clothes.

If ever there is a question or concern feel free to speak to us anytime.

Lisa, Melissa and Amy

Happy Halloween! 



Back to School: September 2016 Newsletter

September 2016 Newsletter

TLC is going back to school!! That said, we would like to wish our newest college students the best while they are away at school!

  • Claire – Sacred Heart
  • Mickey – Westfield
  • Erin – University of Rhode Island
  • Cam – Stonehill
  • Anna – Iona
  • Lauren – Salvi Regina

Katie will continue working here while attending Regis. Thanks to Beka who joined us this summer from UConn.  Erika and Ashley were invaluable as they returned back for summer break.

Also, Sophia Wesley will be leaving us. We will truly miss her, she was such a great teacher. We wish her the best of luck in continuing her education.

We also say goodbye to Caroline who has a busy schedule this year in school.

Lastly, we say a sad goodbye to Jeff, our Clubhouse teacher, as he moves on to his next journey.We can’t thank this great group of staff who help with the wonderful summer we had. Keep in touch! These kids love you!

As we move on to our 17th year we would like to take time to welcome new families who have recently joined us, along with those returning from summer vacation. Our staff is very excited to get our 2016/17 school year started. We have a great curriculum planned for this year with new and exciting themes.

We appreciate your patience while we transition children into their classrooms. While we are confident your child’s experience will be a positive one and have discussed any changes with them, please do not hesitate to address any questions or concerns you have regarding your child or our curriculum.

We have made a few staff changes, please see our list of classrooms and their teachers below.

  • Little Tykes: Amy Clemons & Lisa Bartlett
  • Tiny Tots: Heather Belair & Jen Blodgett
  • Small Fries: Nicki Metcalf & Sam Stanley
  • Busy Bees: Deb Kogut
  • Little Rascals: Christine Pagliocca & Mellissa Fernandes
  • Krusaders: Lauren MacIntosh & Sarah Duffy
  • Clubhouse: Sarah Duffy (PM)
  • Assistants:  Katie, Abby, Natalie, Amanda, Dana, Cat, Morgan, Dana, and Caitlin

Dates to Remember

  • 1st day of school Wednesday, August 31st
  • 1st day of Kindergarten Thursday, September 1st
  • TLC is closed for Labor day  Monday, September 5th
  • Public school is closed September 2nd Holiday Weekend
  • Early Release All schools, Monday, September 16th for Rosh Hashanah
  • September 22nd Preschool Apple picking trip* Don’t forget Fridays are Pizza day! $4.00 includes veggie, drink and dessert.


It’s that time of the year again! Time to say goodbye to summer, and begin another school year! We hope that everyone enjoyed their summer, we certainly had tons of fun here at TLC and on our field trips.

We are looking forward to an exciting year in the Krusaders classroom. Sarah Duffy will be joining our classroom this year as my new co-teacher. She will be with us in the mornings and then move to Clubhouse for the afternoons.

This month we will start by getting to know each other, learning our classroom rules, and getting used to our routine. Other themes we will focus on include:

  • On the farm
  • Apples to apples (with a field trip to the apple farm!)
  • Eric Carle Theme
  • We will start with the letters A,B, and C
  • Keep a look out for our first letter bag to be sent home with instructions for you and your child.
  • We will also work on:
  • Numbers 1,2, and 3
  • The color red
  • Shape of the month: circle

Please keep in mind that the weather will begin to cool off, so please send appropriate outdoor clothing and change out your child’s extra clothes from summer outfits.  Please label all of your child’s belongings and continue to send a daily water bottle. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Miss Lauren and Miss Sarah


First of all I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I’m the new Clubhouse teacher. I have been working in the Clubhouse throughout the summer, so some of you may already be familiar with me. The Clubhouse has had many fun adventures this summer, including our hikes to the playground at Elmwood School, our trips to Hopkinton State Park beach, and all the fun, educational, kid friendly facilities in the area. We hope all the children cherish the memories we made the summer, we know we will. We ended this summer with our bake sale, which was a huge success, thanks to all of you. Melody is so grateful for the generosity. This was followed by our very own carnival, designed by the TLC staff and operated by our clubhouse students. Everyone had a blast, and it was a great way to end the summer.

We are excited for the new school year, and we hope our students are excited too. We can’t wait for everyone to meet their new friends, and we have some awesome games planned to help the newer students with this transition. We will have homework contracts to send out soon. We have our assistant Cat that will be here Monday thru Thursday to help the children with homework.

Looking forward to seeing everyone,


Busy Bees

Welcome to a brand new school year in The Busy Bee classroom!  We had an amazing summer program filled with a variety of fun and educational field trips such as The Whaling Museum, The New England Aquarium, Little Folk Farm, and so much more.  The kids had many days of outside water play and did to too many art and science projects to describe.  We are sad to see some of our children leave us for kindergarten but are excited to meet the new children who will be starting out.

The month of September is all about getting back into the swing of school.  We will cover the following topics:

  • Back to School /All about me, My family and friends: School rules, meeting new friends, daily routine, etc
  • On the farm: Animals, Jobs, what grows etc.
  • Apple’s to Apple’s: Kinds, how they grow, what’s inside, Apple art and experiments
  • Eric Carle Books: Projects based on books
  • Letters ABC
  • Numbers 123
  • Color red
  • Shape circle

Feel free to speak to me anytime you have a question or concern.  I can’t wait to start all the learning we will do through exploration and play in the Busy Bee Classroom!

Miss Debbie

Little Rascals

The Little Rascals has a great summer full of fun on the sun. The field trips were great breaks from the classroom  and enjoyed thoroughly by the children as well as the teachers.  Summer was wrapped up with a carnival that the Clubhouse children put on for the younger ones.  The older children did a fantastic job planning fun and age appropriate games.

We are very excited for the start of the new school year.  Curriculum will resume at the beginning of September so please make sure to have your children in by 9:00 to insure they don’t miss anything.  The Little  Rascals  will are sad to be saying goodbye to many of our friends that will be changing classrooms, but are thrilled for the new experiences this will offer them.

We will be welcoming many new children into our classroom this month, as children join us from the toddler rooms as well as friends that are new to TLC.

September will begin with the children taking time to get to know as much as they can about their classmates in our all about me, family and friends theme. We will also be learning about:

  • The farm and all of its inhabitants.
  • Next, we will explore applea, which are our favorites and where they come from.  This lesson will end with a trip to the orchard to experience it all first hand.  We may even make a special apple treat for our families.
  • September finishes up hungry caterpillars and grouchy ladybugs taking over our classroom as we walk through the stories of Eric Carle.


  • If you have not already done so  please bring your child’s bathing suit, towel and beach pail home.
  • Please remember to switch out extra clothes with ones that are both labeled and weather appropriate ones.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to talk to us.

Thank You,

Miss Christine and Miss Mellissa

Small Fries

As summer comes to an end we are quickly approaching the start of a new school year we are excited to welcome Cora and Caroline into the small fries. Sam and I are eager to watch your child grow and develop with their classmates. This month’s themes include all about me ,family and friends, on the farm and apples to apples! Please start to bring in weather appropriate spare clothing as well as labeling all belongings.

If you have any questions feel free to find Nicki or Sam, thank you!

Miss Nicki & Miss Sam

Little Tykes

The little tykes are looking forward to the new school year .Our friend Caroline has moved into the Small Fries classroom for a new adventures and friendships. It is time to welcome the newest and cutest babies, hello to Paige and Lydia. Other changes are happening as many of our assistance have left for college. Good luck to Anna and Katie (…but we will still see Katie on a few afternoons!). We are looking forward to a busy and fun filled fall with our new assistant Maddie.

Amy & Lisa

Tiny Tots

Welcome to September! We would like to wish Boden, Jody, and Dominic good luck in preschool and welcome Blake, Leah, and Griffin to the Tiny Tots classroom. We look forward to getting to know you all!

The themes of September will include:

  • All About Me
  • Apples
  • On the Farm
  • Eric Carle

Our toddlers will explore these themes through art, music, literacy, and sensory experiences. For the beginning of the school year we would like to replace our water cups. Please bring in a small water bottle or sippy cup for your child to use at snacks, lunch, and outside. Also, 2 complete changes of weather appropriate clothes to keep in your child’s red basket atop the cubbies.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Miss Heather

As always, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call us!